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Plastik Kalıp Enjeksiyon Deneme Aşama Tanımlaması

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Plastik Kalıp Enjeksiyon Deneme Aşama Tanımlaması

Today I'd like to introduce one of the very important factors in tool/part approval tracking performance. All involved persons with approval process are generally complaining or not satisfied about the performance of progress of the tool/Part approaval. Let's see together what should be the defination and/or requirements of each stage? I'm sure you will get very quick enhancement in the progress if you can bring standards and mutual approach to your team as below:

  • T"0" : First plastic injection into the newly finished tool. This trial conciders as tool maker internal trial. Client will not normally attend on this stage.
  • T"1" : First client attended trial, ISIR (measurement report) will be prepared for 5 samples from each cavity taken over a suitable process. Client's trial checklist will be completed at this stage. Tool and component corrections will be followed after this trial according to reports from production, toolshop, Q.A dep. & customer’s reports. It would be more efficient if you use PFUS (Problem Follow up Sheet) as the only valid document for following all corrections.
  • T"2" : Trial after all corrections necessary for both tool and component noted at T"1" have been completed. This trial will done normally under the responsibility of tool maker, unless specified before. New measurmente report will be prepared by tool maker again for 5 samples from each cavity. Normally just incorrect dimensions noted at T"1" need to be measured again. It’s expected that T"2" will produce suitable samples to get customer apprival for the next operations such as grain, mirror polishing etc. if is required.
  • T"3" : Trial to make cosmetically and dimensionally acceptable parts that are fully corrected. This tiral will normally be extended to allow for a small capability / statistical study of the parts produced to give an indication that the tooling will produce consistently good parts in production plant. There may still be some simple points to finish against the general specification and checklist such as external accessories or painting, but tool should be fully complete in general at this stage. Intended process parameters should be fully recorded at thid trial. Shipment approval will be released in this trial.
  • T"4" : This is the in-house trial at client's production facility. The tool shoul be completely at this stage with no outstanding points from checklists or otherwise to be finished. This trial is normally for technician familiarisation with tool and production. Tool maker should be prepared to attend this trial when requested by client.
  • T"5" : 2.nd in-house trial at client's production facility. This will be the extended trial that will provide the samples for a full capability study. Tool has to be approved and launched into the serial production in this stage.

You are welcome to ask through the "" for getting support in necessary documents, sub processes, standards, training programs, etc. if you need.

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